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Pathways to Higher Education, Egypt (PHE/EG) which is funded by Ford Foundation

One of the most important training programs managed by CAPSCU is the Pathways to Higher Education, Egypt (PHE/EG) which is funded by Ford Foundation


PHE/EG aims at enhancing graduate research skills of fresh University graduates particularly in the humanities and social sciences disciplines in order to increase their chances of conducting studies leading to higher degrees. The partners of CAPSCU on phases-I and II of the project were: Cairo, Ain Shams, Assiyout, Helwan, ElMeniya, South Valley, Fayoum, BeniSouif, Benha, Sohag Universities. The remaining Egyptian universities joined in Phase-III including: Alexandria, Tanta, Mansoura, Zagazig, Mounofeia, Suez Canal, Kafr El Sheik, Port Said, Damanhour, Aswan and Azhar. The infrastructure of the aforementioned universities and human resources were fully utilized. The results of implementation of PHE led to the development of the institutional skills of participating establishments.


The main achievements of PHE/EG up to November, 2012 include:

  • Total number of trainees: 24,404
  • Attendees in the leadership assembly: 4,530
  • Published books: 41
  • Published books for the blind: 12
  • Training courses offered: 25
  • Internationally accredited programs: 18
  • Annual electronic site visitors: 800,000
  • Participating universities and institutions: 21
  • Faculty members, trainers, and consultants: 1009



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