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In order to attain competitiveness in national and regional industries CAPSCU acknowledges the need for continued engineering education and the training on advanced technological skills. To this end CAPSCU provides and organizes training programs for engineers within a comprehensive scope of training programs undertaken and supervised by the elite staff of the FECU.


The training programs offered by CAPSCU include 18 specialized programs covering 115 training units in the fields of: Industrial engineering; Turbo machinery and fluid flow; Air conditioning engineering; Internal combustion equipment; Heat transfer equipment; Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems; Robotics and mechatronics; Mechanical vibrations; Casting; Stress analysis; Corrosion engineering; training inspectors according to the American Society for non-destructive testing codes; Heat treatment; Welding technology and quality assurance; Petroleum reservoir engineering; Natural gas engineering; Drilling engineering; Transformers and electric motors; Industrial automation; Analysis of fluid flow in pipe networks; Ground water; Technical language in the business sector.


Training programs are tailored to the needs of the establishment either through a protocol that ensures training over the period of a year on the programs offered or on the basis of special programs for the institutions’ engineers only. The latter has proven to be beneficial specially when the courses are provided at the institution where the trainees work since the similar background and similar work requirements helps linking the training material with practical applications. CASPCU also provides courses at FECU when special computer labs or equipment are necessary to complete a course.


CAPSCU welcomes collaboration with national and regional institutions in planning special courses tailored to the requirements of the institutions and suggests other fields of interest that would be beneficial to the recipients. Some of the fields in which CAPSCU provides training programs are summarized below:

Improving the skills of employees working in private companies and banks:Continued engineering education and training to raise the skills of students and fresh graduates to satisfy the requirements of the work market

Continued engineering education and training to raise the skills of students and fresh graduates to satisfy the requirements of the work market

Project Planning

Civil Engineering

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Vibration Analysis, Control, and Engineering Stresses

Environmental Engineering

Pathways to Higher Education, Egypt (PHE/EG) which is funded by Ford Foundation

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