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Civil Engineering

  • Bidding procedures and contract documents for buildings and constructions
  • Quality control and inspection in construction sites
  • Testing and quality control in construction sites
  • Testing and properties of materials
  • Computer applications in structural design
  • Designing reinforced concrete
  • Structural design and review
  • Water projects management
  • Operation and maintenance of dams
  • Maintenance systems for buildings and structures

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Center for Advancement of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering Sciences Faculty of Engineering ...


The Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University (CUFE) is considered the pioneer in the field of higher education ...


CASPCU activities have developed over the last two decades in addition to the diverse nature of the institutions soliciting CAPSCU's services. ...


These include governmental institutions; public and private industrial sectors; and banks and international corporations. ...

New CAPSCU Consultance

Since its inception CAPSCU completed over 2500 projects for different entities including: Egyptian ministries; Governmental organizations; National institutions; Private and Public Sectors; and Banks. Some of the areas of CAPSCU activities over the past years include

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